Kracl Funeral Chapels
Schuyler and David City
Schuyler (402)352-8700
David City (402)367-3377
Leigh (402)487-2786
Dolores L. Zavodny  82
David City, Nebraska
July 1, 2015
Lynda M. Hall    65
Bellwood, Nebraska
July 5, 2015
Paul Bruckner    87
Schuyler, Nebraska
July 13, 2015
Anna Kinnison   92
Bellwood, Nebraska
July 16, 2015
Jacob "Jake" Smaus   23
Prague, Nebraska
July 19, 2015
Phyllis C. Hilderbrand   84
David City, Nebraska
July 21, 2015
Robert Neuhaus   90
Columbus, Nebraska
July 23, 2015

In the obituary for Paul Bruckner, published in
the Columbus Telegram and Schuyler Sun,
Peggy Sue Bruckner of Arlington, Texas, was
listed as preceding Paul in death.  She is
surviving her father-in-law and is the former
Peggy Sue Spath from the Dodge County area.
We apologize to all affected by this mistake.
Peggy Sue was married to Michael Bruckner
who preceded his father in death.
Helen Hlavac   86
David City, Nebraska
July 28, 2015