About Us

Kracl Funeral Chapels has been helping families in their hours of distress since 1994. We provide a full range of funeral services to residents in Nebraska and surrounding areas. We have a strong belief that funerals are for the living. There is great value in a well organized funeral service because it is our way of validating the life of someone we loved dearly. We need to remember because it is those memories that give meaning and hope to those of us left behind.

The hard truth is that none of us is ever ready to say goodbye to a loved one. And managing a funeral ceremony can be a very daunting task to face, especially when you’re already dealing with grief and loss. Kracl Funeral Chapels’s compassionate staff is here to handle all of the funeral arrangements for you and your family. Weddings are planned months, even years in advance. Funeral services, on the other hand, are planned and carried out in a matter of days. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure that your loved one receives all the dignity of a full-service funeral ceremony.

We will coordinate the planning with the religious institution of your choice. Should you have no religious affiliation, our staff will assist you in designing a service to meet your particular needs. Our goal is to provide every family with the most meaningful and compassionate service possible.