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Dr. Earl A. Grollman

I have known Earl Grollman for over 10 years. We have sponsored his programs ,read all his works and attended many of his lectures. Earl is COMPASSION PERSONIFIED. In a world that loves to argue religion and treatment options, finally there is one who gets to the point--WE ARE ALL HURTING PEOPLE IN NEED OF COMPASSION and regardless of our personal beliefs, it is our humanity and need for one another that makes us human and makes us hurt. He has a way of making every one he meets feel like they are the only person in the world. We would all do well to listen, learn and share from his vast knowledge and understanding of the human condition.

Reverend Blue Jeans

Great Websites

AARP Grief Resources Alive Alone
Help for parents that have lost an only child or all their children

Bereaved Parents of the USA

Here to assist parents and families after the death of a child

National Family Caregivers Association

Self care for the family caregiver

Centering Corporation

Nations leading resource for any and all grief material

The Compassionate Friends

Support for families following a child's death

GROWW-Grief Recovery Online

Message boards and chat rooms for grieving people

The Dougy Center

Peer support for children

Bereavement Magazine

Bimonthly publication for the bereaved

St. Benedict Retreat Center

Magnificent retreat setting in rural America

Mary Kay Mueller

Author of "Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness"

Interactive site for those healing from loss

Heavenly Lights

A memorial site for those who have lost a child

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