Grandparent grief (GPG)

By Reverend Blue Jeans

Grandparents and grief. Certainly a topic none of us would choose to explore.

Grief is a common experience—unique to each of us. GPG is unique in so many ways.

The problems facing grandparents can often feel insurmountable and can be complicated by so many things beyond one’s control.

A letter from heaven

by Reverend Blue Jeans

To those we love,

Since we parted, you have been sharing so much of us with those around you. The memories are so fresh and real. You hold on to us so tightly in your hearts- where we shall always be. Your concern has always been for us, but we wonder how you are doing.

When prayer doesn’t help!

by Reverend Blue Jeans
I have just suffered the greatest loss of my life. I feel so isolated. So unloved. So "different." And so alone. Even God must be out to get me—nothing could be worse than to feel the way I feel. I wish I was dead.

You know what really doesn’t seem to help me at all? People who tell me they are praying for me, or "We’ll keep you in our prayers," or "Our prayer chain will remember you.