by Reverend Blue Jeans

To those we love,

Since we parted, you have been sharing so much of us with those around you. The memories are so fresh and real. You hold on to us so tightly in your hearts- where we shall always be. Your concern has always been for us, but we wonder how you are doing.

You will never know all of the prayers that have been prayed for you, the tears that have been shed over your grief and the concern that has been shown for you in a multitude of ways, and we find it so comforting to know you haven’t been left alone.

Please know that we are not alone, either. The losses that have hurt you the most have given us the gift of eternal life. God’s promises have been fulfilled in us. When we left you, God was there, waiting, just as He promised. We’re surrounded by perfect love. Never let anyone tell you God doesn’t exist. If you need to be mad at Him for awhile that’s okay; He can take it. But never let hate, anger or bitterness fuel your emotions. Talk to Him and let Him talk to you. Listen for him in the voices of the people who love and care about you, and let His Word reassure you that we are doing just fine.

It is comforting to know that you hold us so close while struggling with the prospect of letting us go. You need to know that we will always be together. Eternity is not "out there," eternity is now! We have simply moved a little farther ahead of you.

Remember that God never wastes anything—especially love. The love that we shared on earth will never end. For now, you must rest assured that we are safe in God’s perfect love. We would like you to take some of the love you have for us and share it with those around you. You can never run out of love—the more you give away, the more you will have. And let others love you…you are worth loving.

Life is forever. Ours has changed in the twinkling of an eye while yours is changing day-be-day and minute-by-minute. Though your lives will never be the same, that does not mean that they cannot be filled with peace, joy and love. Always look to the future.

Don’t be afraid of tomorrow

God is already there. Be patient with yourselves. You will make some mistakes, and you will even find yourselves not thinking about "us" from time to time. That’s all right too. All of our needs are being met; you need to take care of you.

Hold onto one another, help each other, give hope and love to all you meet. Above all, be prepared to welcome others into your world of grief and mourning. You are being taught valuable lessons that will need to be passed along. Some will not have your strength, many will not have your faith, and most will feel they are all alone; but all will need the love and understanding only you will be able to give. Now, your pain is the only credential you need to minister to others.

When you think of us, never think of us as being alone. Think of us smiling, laughing and enjoying all that God has prepared for us.

Finally, never believe you are alone. Do not focus on what you have lost, but look always at what you have left. You are surrounded by people who love you and care about you. Live with them, love with them, share with them and laugh with them. Make every day a celebration of life—a life that will never end.

We will meet again, and until we do, know that we are very proud of you for never giving up! We love you!

Your loved ones!